Mirella Russo

The elements that characterise the production of Miru are clear and coloured.
Her Napolitan origins are revealed in the yellow hot orange fruit of the mediterannean.
Her vocational training in the workshopwhere classical techniques of the lead weaver, grisaille and Tiffany take place.
She has investigated the methods of specific types of glass fusion and the engraving and collage.

She has been awarded by The Province of Rome the awards "Artistic Craftsperson" and has qualified from the register "Excellence of Roman Art".

Mirella Russo has participated in numerous exhibitions dedicated to Arts and Crafts, more recently:


Fruitholder. Useful daily objects are techniquely and creatively refined becoming an Opera of Art.

Appliqué shining colours and essential design, glassfusion with geometric decoration.

Crucifix in stained glass and sacred art. Glassfusion with inserts of copper leaf and metallic oxides.

Wall clock in glassfusion made with irony: colour and shape of excellent mediterranean fruit.

Plate "the art of recycling" marbles of fused glass revived in a new form.