Sandblasting is a mechanical process that imitates, little pieces of glass, which nature produces, sometimes found on the beach.

The sand is pushed through a jet at high pressure. The surface of the glass records the rendering leaving it opaque.
With the wise use of templates the depth of the abrasion is regulated, creating a sophisticated effect of base relief.

Windows. View of Piazza di Spagna. Sandblasting and base relief.

Special windows of the Parthenon sandblasted in base relief.

View from the windows of Saint Peters from the lungotevere sandblasted in base relief.

Window sandblasted with transparent decoration.

Panel for door sandblasted on coloured glass.

Panel sandblasted on coloured plated glass.

Door with three shutters decorated with sandblasting on satin finished glass.

Panel recording floral decoration in base relief on satin finished glass.

Decorative panel deeply sandblasted on coloured plated glass.