Sacred Art

From the glass panels and the sacred objects of art created from the original design of Mirella Russo the formal research unites all of her technical experience. The objects come to life working with the material, light and colour becoming the instruments of the evangelical message.


With the restoration of the glass the concept of the internal, analysed, completed works show the technical points encompassing the historical and artistic views.The conserved parts follow and consolidate a profound knowledge of the technique of the art of glass staining.

It allows and can recouperate the reintergration of the deteriorating parts.


Rosary Virgin with Child (from Murillo) Lead glazed with hot painted inserts, relief fusions and details sand blasted.

Crucifix of glassfusion with inserts of copper leaf.

Stained glass bound in lead and glassfusion.

Rosette bound in lead with central inserts of glassfusion.

Cross glassfused on a mirror.

Saint Joseph woven in lead and painted with grisaille and enamels.

Christ with crown of thorns weaved in lead painted with grisaille and enamels.

Cherubs. Restoration of a stained glass window, details painted with grisaille.

Madonna with child. Weaving to lead and grisaille

Cross with Dove of Peace

Resurrezione. Lead glazed with inserts in grisaille.

Sacred Heart of Gesù.

Virgin Mary. Private chapel. Integrative and preservative restoration.
Lead glazed panel, grisaille painted.

Stained Glass. The Artist designs glass which is then treated with lead glazing and glass fusion.

Suore Casa San Benedetto Chapel. Sand blasted decoration on a cathedral glass.