Interior Design

The glass extends all its eccentricity transforming itself from time to time into lamps, tables, frames, shelves.

Mirella Russo plays with the material producing the most beautiful pieces.

She designs for you on a commission basis the fruit of her creativity are objects that carry light and colour.
She achieves essentially with the technique of glassfusion shapes and works characterising quality design.

From lamps to tables to irregular panels decorated with glassfusion.

Appliqué (wall lamp) lines of multicolours with glassfusion.

Table lamps and lampshades in glassfusion with optical and base motifs in steel.

Appliqué glassfusion in multiple lines of relief with murano glass.

Small flat table in highly thickened glassfusion, base in painted cast iron.

Mirror. Frame in glassfusion with inserts of gold laminate.

Small flat table and base in highly thickened glassfusion.

Mirror frame in glassfusion with metallic oxides and inserts of gold laminate.

Mirror and appliqué elements coordinate in glassfusion.

Windscreen shutters with abstract decoration in glassfusion and frame in cherry wood.

Black and white lifting. (L x H: 57 cm x 54 cm)

Chandelier Angel. Fused glass. (L x H: 11 cm x 15,5 cm)