Glass Fusion

At between 800 °C and 850 °C the glass becomes an orange colour and it is melted together.
With glassfusion technique to construct new glass: various pieces are assembled when the heat becomes fluid and thanks to the force of gravityit is profoundly joined in an irreversible way.

The cooling method is very slow, to allow the recovery of the molecular stability that the material possessed before the fusion process.

Using oxides and enamels to achieve various interesting effects in polychrome; foundation work by hand, further embellishes glass windows and other objects created by this technique.

Decorative panel with geometric motif.

Polychrome glasses of glassfusion.

Panel decorated with glassfusion.

Panel with Liberty style floral decoration.

Stained glass mixed technique: woven in lead with inserts in glassfusion.

Flowing panels in glassfusion with textured base, in base relief.

Glassfusion. Fused polychrome glasses.

Door six shutters with abstract design in glassfusion.

Glassfusion. Optical design.

Glassfusion. Victorian decorum for a double shutter window.

Glassfusion. Vase with flowers.

The art of recycling. Glass panel mixed technique, juice bottles and glass scraps fused again
and then lead glazed.

Liberty inspiration floral decoration for a fused glass panel window.

Pois. Fused panel, optical inspiration for the decoration.